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Languages of India for Kids

One does not need to speak a language to respect and honor it. Being aware and able to identify different languages is a start and shows that every person, regardless of their language, is heard, recognized and acknowledged. This book is a gentle introduction for kids to appreciate the diversity of India and celebrate its cultural heritage.

About Dhruv Gami

A technology strategy consultant, Dhruv Gami advises large companies on best ways to adopt new technologies and make meaningful advances in their business objectives. He leads delivery of a modernization effort at one of the largest banks in the country. In the past, he led the Strategy Consulting practice at SMX and has helped clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to universities and large non-profits. Prior to that, he led the technology department for U.S. Green Building Council. Gami appreciates the creativity required by nonprofits to stretch their limited resources, and volunteers for numerous initiatives including, Hopkins House and Girl Scouts. Gami also serves on the Board of TimeSlips, a non-profit initiative that is revolutionizing how we care for family members with dementia and memory challenges.

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